Area 1:

In literature, while one, as the reader, is reading a book, it may often as if you know exactly what the author is trying to say or portray as the main idea or theme of the book. I have always read books whether it was in school or at home and while reading books there were plenty that really caught my attention. As a writer, I have written many of essays on the readings I’ve read. However, before I was never really used to starting out with my thesis first and then from there building on my essay. This semester did teach me many things as a reader. To be able to fully understand the message of the author, to be able to connect it to who their audience was, this was something very new for me. . This semester, I was really able to focus on my writing while reading it very carefully to be able to correct whatever I needed to. The books I’ve read over the semester were not readings that were really hard on me or difficult for me to understand. They were however a different type of genre than the type of book genre that I usually read, and I loved being introduced to different book genres. I really learned many things from this semester that I plan to incorporate in the future and future courses that I plan on taking.


Area 2:

During this semester I have written many papers with different topics and also different types of essays. I have also written rhetorical analysis on articles/books. One of the strongest essays that I have written from my point of view is about the topic of toxic and true friendship in regards to the book El Deafo by Cece Bell. This is a essay I feel was a great one, I improved so much compared to my previous essays. I was able to proofread very carefully, improving in every essay, which was something I set myself to ever since the beginning of the semester. I was able to write my thoughts down in a way that whoever would read it will know and understand exactly what I was exactly trying to say. Something very new to me this semester was writing a rhetorical analysis, it was something that I did not work on previously and I feel like it helped a lot when it came to understanding who the writer was, who the audience was and what message was presented in a specific reading. Finishing this semester I have learned many things, have improved my writing and will definitely incorporate what I’ve learned in future writings.  


Area 3:

The quote “a political instrument, means, and proof of power. It is the most vivid and crucial key to identity: It reveals the private identity, and connects on with, or divorces one from, the larger, public or communal identity” (781) by James Baldwin is one that I can relate to very much. I agree with Baldwin because through writing you can connect with those reading your work. With all the readings I read this semester I was able to connect one or two of them myself in some type of way. Some of the readings were readings that one was really able to understand whether due to something they experienced or due to that they somehow may relate to it. Being able to personally feel a connection with the reading helped me be able to write my essays without having that much difficulties. In every writing, I was able to write exactly what I thought and feel without thinking about what anyone else would say. I was able to express exactly what I felt and voice my opinion without being told whether I was wrong or not. I was able to improve as a writer and reader this semester.